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Author/Artist/Singer: Virgin Steele
Music Title/Track: Last Supper
Theme ID: 7842
Album: N/A

[Music: De Feis/Pursino, lyrics: De Feis]

Father forgive thcm for they know not what they are doing

Break this bread and drink the wine

just remember with whom you dine

do this in memory of me, when I'm not among you all

Peter you will deny me, Judas you will betray

last supper, it's your last supper

Open wide the Gates to receive me

high above the clouds there is peace

after 3 days I will rise again to teach you all

Mary you'll see me first, you others will fall amazed

last supper, it's your last supper

When the sun no longer turns thr skies are black

darkness like a breathing hand upon your back

they wlll kill the shepherd to divide the sheep

but remember this forever I reign, forever I reign

So damn the dark the light

the tears you cry tonight

damn your love your lies

promises you broke woe

this is your last mistake, it's written in the sand

the law reveals itself, shining like the sun

forever I reign, forever I reign


break this bread and drink the wine

just remember with whom you dine

will you remember me when I'm not among you now

Peter you still deny me, Judas you will betray

last supper, it's your last supper

it is finished.

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