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Author/Artist/Singer: Virgin Steele
Music Title/Track: RAIN OF FIRE
Theme ID: 7861
Album: N/A


SPIRITS OF LIVING FIRE!!!In the night we gather for the slaying of the beast

The chosen kings of fire summoned by the priests

lord give me strenght to crush my enemies

Their pain and their suffering will be music to my ears

RAIN OF FIRE - wash away my pain, wash away my fate

Let me rise up born again

RAIN OF FIRE - blood runs from the sky, I'm the lord of flies

On the wings of hate I rise

Soon it will be over abd we'll gather for the feast

Hear the weeping of their woman as they grovel at our feet

The gods have shown their favor, my victory is known

Your gods have proven false, your death is mine to own

RAIN OF FIRE - wash away my pain, wash away my tears

Let me rise up born again

RAIN OF FIRE - give power to my call, devouring their flesh

Purify as all - RAIN OF FIRE

Trample to dust in the fire of lust

With fire we slay all who stand in our way

A covenant bound in the world underground

We slash and we strike see your head on a spike

Once free and so brave, now your people are slaves, oh...

RAIN OF FIRE - the sons of Anu rise, the fields of blood are mine

On a burning horse I ride

RAIN OF FIRE - ravager of towns our covenant is bound

In your kingdom underground

RAIN OF FIRE - rape our enemies, burn their village bright

In a golden wall of light

RAIN OF FIRE - blood runs from the sky, the veils of death divide

And the crucified arise - RAIN OF FIRE!!!

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