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Author/Artist/Singer: Viva Valdy
Music Title/Track: Goodness Knows
Theme ID: 8488
Album: N/A

i Rode a horse called reason, i was Ground into the dust. i Rode a horse called passion,

wanderlust. i Rode a horse called spirit, and it Brought me to this place.

Where will i ride to toDay, goodness knows. Where will i ride to toDay.

I Rode out of el paso, both Sides of the rio grande. I rode North from montana, through a

Cold and a snowy land. i Rode a hundred horses, hucked a Thousand bales of hay,

Where will i ride to toDay? goodness knows. Where will i ride to toDay?

i Rode a budding stallion, he Took me on a tear,

Through the woods and back again a'Searching for his mare.

i Rode him 'til he found her, and He's there with her still.

Now i need another steed to (24) Get me o'er the (44) Hill.

so i Rode a horse called habit, through Barbd wire fences. i Rode a horse called saviour

and i Regained my senses. i Rode a horse called goodness, and We're still on our way.

Where will i ride to toDay? goodness knows. Where will i ride to toDay?

now a Horse ride can be risky, a Leg can still get broke,

it's Hard to ride through brambles and it's Tough to light a smoke.

but Nothing else will get you, where a Horse can easily go,

like Up a winter coolie when it's (24) Waist deep in (44) Snow.

goodness Knows where she's going, i just Hang on to the horn.

'though my Stirrups, my boots and saddle, and my Back side still get worn.

whereEver goodness takes me, i Know i'll be okay.

Where will_ i ride to toDay? goodness knows.

Where will_ i ride to toDay? goodness knows. Where will i ride to toDay.

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