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Author/Artist/Singer: W. Kristine
Music Title/Track: Lovin You
Theme ID: 457
Album: N/A

Oooh?. ooh yeah? uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, now?
wuh, uh, uh, uh, uh, now?
wuh, uh - wuuhhhhhhhh
Lovin? you
All I wanna do
This feels so right I'm
Lovin you
All I wanna do
'Cause I like the way I'm
Lovin you? you?.

I used to run
I used to hide from love
But now, I'm satisfied
'Cause you showed me
That love could be
So good, so real and oh so right
So many things I used to let get in my way
Now I open up my arms and say hey

Lovin You
It's all I wanna do
K: For the rest of my life
This feels so right I'm
Lovin You
It's all I wanna do
K: For the rest of my days
'Cause I like the way I'm
Lovin You
Lovin? You
K: I?m lovin? you, huh?

An open book, an open door
That's what you are and I thank you for
The heart you give that's sensitive
You're all I need and you're so much more
I used to fill each hour of each single day
Now I slow it down enough to say hey hey

K: I'm lovin you
K: Don't you know I'm lovin you
BKGND: I like the way I like the way hey

Ev-Ev'ry day, (K) every day
Ev-Ev'ry night, holding me close
Never had a lover make me feel so right
Never have another, (K: never make me feel so right) never let you go

Lovin You
All I wanna do
This feels so right
I'm lovin you (K: I?m lovin? you)
All I wanna do (K: I wanna do)
K&B: The rest of my days
'Cause I like the way I'm

Repeat CHORUS 'till fade

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