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Author/Artist/Singer: Ween
Music Title/Track: She Wanted To Leave (And Reprise)
Theme ID: 5548
Album: N/A

Three men's all there were
three men out at sea
three men came aboard my ship
and took my true love from me
I couldn't believe
she wanted to leave
she wanted to leave

I've loved you so long
since you were a child
I've cared for your every need
I've tried to make you smile
when all the while
you wanted to leave
you wanted to leave

Go gather the guns
we'll blast them at sea
she begged for me not to shoot
for "my true love is here with me,
and I've never loved thee,
and now I must leave,
and now I must leave."

So go fetch a bottle of rum dear friends
and fill up my glass to the rim
for I'm not the man, I used to be
now I'm one of them.

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