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Author/Artist/Singer: Weiland Scott
Music Title/Track: Opposite Octave Reaction
Theme ID: 5892
Album: N/A

daddy's got the picture, daddy's got the key
daddy's got the mag, naked lady by the tree
the school girls call me pervert, a wierdo, and a freak
but i like daddy's girl, she never teases me
opposite octave reaction
opposite octave reaction
waiting on the lady, waiting by the tree
waiting for my wife who sexually kills me
but daddy's got the mag, still underneath the bed
and sometimes i still get her, but only in my head
she always gets me to go again,
to go again,
she always gets me....
opposite octave reaction
opposite octave reaction
and i hear it sometimes, but only in my head
"colonel zander left dakota deadsibob...deadsibob"

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