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Author/Artist/Singer: Zane
Music Title/Track: Falling down
Theme ID: 587
Album: N/A

Zane Falling down

sometimes i think i stop breathing
i'm feeling weakened my eyes deceiving i'm seeing demons
or did my heart stop beating?
or was it that voice in my head telling me that i'm freaking?
I can't fake im always losing track of time
am i going crazy?Am i losing my mind?
I couldn't tell you where i've been today
I don't know if i'm still asleep or i'm still awake from yesterday
My body feels numb,i'm feeling cold
I guess its from all those drugs that i've done
I wish i could go back in time&change my life
But i guess i can't,i'm stuck with mine
people say that you have to feel somein
I guess i'm empty,I feel nothing

Sometimes i just don't care whether i live or die,
load the clip &close my eyes

Do i really wanna do it,am i weak enough to do it?(load the clip&close my eyes)
Do i really wanna do it,am i weak enough to do it?(sometimes i just don't care
whether i live or die)
Do i really wanna do it,am i weak enough to do it?

Just another day,just the same ol thing
Nothings changed,its just the same ol game
these voices keep fucking with my mind
telling me that i'm wrong,then telling me that i'm right
what the fuck am i supposed to believe in?
is what i see,really what i'm seeing?or is it all just make-believe
playing with me,can't you see that they're hatin me?
I can't control my rage,frustration like a bullet, a cage
my body's a cell,i'm locked inside
I can't break free no matter how hard i try
to fly away,i'm wrapped in bubble,double trouble
when you fuck with this rumble of a man,damn
I can't stand,i'm not stable.Do you think that you're able to beat me with
I'll come back with a knife,If i lose again,i'll come back with a gun,til you're
so when you see me,you better kill me cause i just don't give a fuck

Sometimes i just don't care whether i live or die,
load the clip &close my eye

So life is just a game&i think i'm losing
If i pull the plug will i keep on cruisng?or is that it?
how'd that make you feel knowing that there ain't no coming back
yeh,there ain't no appeal
till the sentence of death,darkness is what i am
blackout,there ain't no back out,its all too real
but i don't give a fuck with my body in this casket
I guess i'm stuck in this,nothing ever lasted
never asking for another chance
1 more shot,my life at a glance
I got caught with the short stickers
what i got,is what i thought
black dusted metal can make it real fucking hot
sometime someway,the sadest thing in life is wasting time
but uh,uh-oh,you don't wanna know me
but uh,you don't wanna know me homie

Sometimes i just don't care whether i live or die,
load the clip &close my eyes
Sometimes i just don't care whether i live or die,
load the clip &close my eyes

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