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Author/Artist/Singer: Icons
Music Title/Track: Get Fucked Up
Theme ID: 1462
Album: N/A

Comedy 2000 baby
Iconz, street money, yall ready?


If you smoke weed now
In this bitch hit you all wit a clown
Got a drink that you cant put down?
When a fight, will the shit go down?
Get fucked up, (get fucked up)
Get fucked up, (get fucked up)
Get fucked up, (get fucked up)
Get fucked up, (get fucked up)

Nigga who? look at all the shit we do
Comedy bless nigga with tracks im finecing the raps
You got a hundred dolla better
Must confess in chaps
Some labels spend a fuckin mill
See these still on the rack
I got a, clique that nigga strapped ready for war
We prefer to ball then get bomb head from hoers
You know it's, all nigga when my click poll licka
Nigga shining too, make that ice look bigga
Out of Detroit ??? out here bangin my nuts
Perfect cut sumplying shise shit im just too much
Niggas hand will feel the rush when they turn me up
Bitches pussy will bust a nut when my clique come up
Playa we supposed 2 shine
Nigga fuck X and Co we gon blow your mine
We got some shit for that ass if you step out of line
The way comedy take control, yall gon fall behind


Yo get fucked up, stay fucked up
Roll to the club in a navigator truck
Fly out the bar like i dont give a what...
Who you know out there stay fandied up
Plus these classy chicks they sick of shit
You need more then Benz cool to taste this chick
Yall ballas in the club gon try to hit
But yall aint even hear what shit (bitch what you say?)
Yo know my girls is gon clown
Get towed down
Yall better know we aint fucking around
Iconz super star like what...
Everybody better get fucked up

Get fucked up (get fucked up)
Get fucked up (get fucked up)
Get fucked up (get fucked up)
Get fucked up (get fucked up)

How the fuck you wanna be like us?
You aint fly
Like TLC, she got it from Left Eye
We from the streets, got boys you cant buy
You ever gon find, my niggas die high
Sip on this fith see here like Jimmy Keith
Yall pussy ass niggas cant ride with us
Bust guns with us
Get money with us
Still going around saying you bad as us
Playa we been on tracks
We been ??? ???
Yall half faggots getting hit from the back
How we bring the heat
But yall think yall hot
While we live ontop
And your crew does not
Me while your bitch ready what we got
You heard she gave us head outside in the drop
Then went home and tongue kiss you
Your only reply was "baby i miss you"
See that's the difference between yalls and ours
Yall baby stretch ours from here to tomorrow (uh)
From here to tomorrow (yall feel free to love that there)

Get fucked up (get fucked up)
Get fucked up (get fucked up)
Get fucked up (get fucked up)
Get fucked up (get fucked up)

Iconz, comedy baby, get funked up
Get tow up (get fucked up)
Let's go (get fucked up)
Fo sho (get fucked up)
Uhu (get fucked up)
C'mon (get fucked up)
Iconz (get fucked up)
Street money what (get fucked up)
The comedy baby (get fucked up)
That's right c'mon
Get fucked up (get fucked up) That's right
Get fucked up (get fucked up) The comedy nigga
Get fucked up (get fucked up) Iconz nigga
Get fucked up (get fucked up) Street money nigga
Get fucked up (get fucked up) Where ya at huh?
Get fucked up (get fucked up) Where ya at huh?
Get fucked up (get fucked up) Where my dawgs huh?
Get fucked up (get fucked up) Where my bitches huh?
Yo, c'mon
Street money
The comedy
Runnin shit (get fucked up)
2000 (get fucked up, get fucked up)
Uhh, uhh (get fucked up)
Where ya at? ( get fucked up)
Nigga's where ya at? (get fucked up)
Bitches where ya at? (get fucked up)
Somebody get fucked up what??
Iconz what? what?
Street money what? what?
Uhh, uhh
The comedy what?
Where ya at?
Get fucked up
Just get fucked up
Niggas get fucked up
How many bitches in the club tonight?
Gonna get fucked up in this club tonight?
How many bitches

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