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Author/Artist/Singer: A-Camp
Music Title/Track: Song For The Leftovers
Theme ID: 886
Album: N/A

The night s on the edge now
Hanging low against the tide
The world is at it's best now
When the loveless ones collide

It's a long night
A beautiful night
And we're the first leftovers of the night

I'm thinking 'bout the last times
And the people i had to hurt
I wonder why they couldn't touch
And why i never gave it up

You weren't hard to find
You didn't run and hide
We were the first leftovers of the night
Hide of the night

The silence is a burden
When you don't really want to talk
I'm trying really hard now
To set alight my sleepy heart

We made a pretty sight
It seems we've found some pride
In being the first leftovers of the night
Hide of the night, i-ight

And everything is alright now
Everything is alright now
Everything is alright

You're not what i was after
But i'm happy with what i found
To dream of new beginnings
When the end is all around

I think you're alright
You qualify
For being my supernova
It's a gambling life
A lonely strife
But i think we're the best leftovers of the night
Hide of the night, hi-hide

And everything is alright now
Oh everything is alright now
Everything is alright

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