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Author/Artist/Singer: A Death For Every Sin
Music Title/Track: Beyond The Tears
Theme ID: 190
Album: N/A

A part of me has died, it was the piece that made me be.
Looking through these tears,
I think could I have prevented the loss?
Sworn I would not return here,
the deed is done, it's out of reach.
But every step that I make just takes me down this path.
Promised myself, I'd make it through this but nothing fills this void.
When hope is lost, all you have is hate.
This is my cross to bear.
All this time that i thought I was strong,
now I know that I was wrong.
Buried beneath my own fears, I make my final wish.
To see beyond the tears and to live beyond the tears.
A part of my has died.
It was the piece that made me be.
Looking through these tears,
I think could I have prevented the loss?

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