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Author/Artist/Singer: Acid Bath
Theme ID: 4219
Album: N/A

Turning the knife buried in your stomach I woke up alive black
with stain glistening and new the sunset's coming fingerpain-
tings of the insane come on and sterilize me kneel down and
idolize me suck me fuck me resurrect me rut me cut me and
infect me slice me dice me I wanna die screamin the thoughts
of dead babies wiped away with my semen bleed me feed me and
inject me feel me, kill me then dissect me the pigs will sque-
al their blood will drain finger paintings of the insane slice
the throat of authority imagining infinity greasy smoke bil-
lows into the sky coach roach dreams, the human dust of pain
twitching screaming hide your razor face finger paintings of
the insane bloody mountain momma rockabilly machine kiddy porn
lover with a mouth for disease giddy'up honey my rubber fuck
doll when your candle's snuffed out I'll burn brighter than
before pink poinsttias for emotion that died a chilling war-
gasm that feels like cyanide her pussy bleeds sunshine, rabid
for flesh as each raindrop plunges to its death

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