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Author/Artist/Singer: Acid Bath
Music Title/Track: Paegan Love Song
Theme ID: 4227
Album: N/A

Dying felt so goddamn good today
If I was ever alive well it's hard to say
It was kissing my eyelids and burning my face away
Dying felt so goddamn good today
We dance the electric Pagan Love Song
We hunt with the children paling in the catacombs
Eating dead flowers bleeding in a strange daze
I was cutting throats and eating tears
Smiling in a ruined age
Douse my love everything with gasoline
Grave flower blooms at your red light death scene
We dance the electric Pagan Love Song
We hunt with the children paling in the catacombs
Trippin' on real blood in strange sunshine
Have you felt such weight upon your eyes
Sister I been trippin' in your sky
I woke up adrift in a Technicolor bliss
Ten million miles high
I'm a Christian zombie by daylight
Satan, he come trippin' 'round midnight
Circle jerkin' redneck truckers' dream
You scream, I scream
Everybody screams for morphine
I won't love you, mama, I just fiend your morphine... your morphine
I am the mother, the father, the killer
Forever and ever all right
I am the shapeless, the deathless, remorseless
Forever and ever tonight
I'm feelin' hollow again
I am the mother, the father, the killer of light
I'm gonna cut you motherfucker, God's cocksucker
all right

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