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Author/Artist/Singer: Acid Bath
Music Title/Track: TOUBABO KOOMI
Theme ID: 4233
Album: N/A

We wanna see some blood we need a new whore we don't give a
fuck we just want some more we want blood I'm gonna fuck the
hole in kennedy's head revolt deface resist push the button
legalize freedom let's shoot the president, rape the queen and
feel the flowers breath again inside this dead machine I'm
wading into nowhere thrill kill avenue, cuttin her slowly
liberty, she crawled to me the lines that define begin to gray
and fade now shove it inside her specto-trippin on I slept the
last mile on our way to endsville spread your legs, don't look
at me cut me rape me make me free breeders screaming dreaming
loveless for the bloodless white sound, oceans of dreams I
won't be another number on the screen shhh: I wanna hear you
scream I won't be another number white sound, dead black scre-
am vomiting this cold mass of hate I'm gonna push my love thru
her skull I have heard abortion stories from the leather nun
holding hands with dead girls hiding from the sun the lines
that define begin to gray and fade now we shoot out the lights
and swallow razor blades I feel nothing for the meat that came
before liberty, she crawled to me playing the whore

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