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Author/Artist/Singer: Acid Death
Theme ID: 4256
Album: N/A

Psychical crushes-made for a human
Insistently are searching for cure
A desperate being is trying to escape from destiny
of loneliness and sorrow

Obvious agony on daily steps
Incorrigibly romantic inner picture-furthered in all dimensions
Words are loosing their interest told by well-disposed-aimed on
Happiness restoring

Inexperienced wandering in areas of fantastic, false or true
Annihilation is possible-perceivable
In glossy spaces seem to be true

Obvious agony on daily steps
Incorrigibly romantic inner picture-furthered in all dimensions
Words are loosing their interest told by well-disposed-aimed on
Aimed on fear's mollifyness-happiness restoring.

The deceive so easy but so false in view
Theories everywhere, deeds, facts-they come and leave

Psychical transactions without any limits simple in the light
Maybe hard in the dark but always murderous
Is it real that lifeless have bigger value
Just because civility is teaching the decay

You, foolish spirit, possessed by matter's haughtiness
When will you stop searching around?
When will you learn to live and exist limited in small scopes
Far away from hesitations and freedom-so far away
Till the day you'll learn the way to kill the corruption existing around you?

SENSE OF ANNIHILATION-the touch with all around
Leading to intricate ideas, sweet in deed
Killing is at last out of law
Without hesitations or fear, so simple, so easy

Violence, psycho-violence stated our existence
Bringing the mortals nearer to inexistence's worship
We have taught at last our murder
Leading ourselves to termination

The Human High-school is now teaching
How to kill naturally everything it's worth to be in heart
Far away of matter and flesh

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