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Author/Artist/Singer: Action Action
Music Title/Track: The Short Weekend Begins With Longing
Theme ID: 4598
Album: N/A

Are you up in the middle of the night
Trying to figure out where things went wrong?
And they did, just another semi-bummer weekend,
It seems hard to find a home for the words,
Though I'm sure they make complete sense, in your head,
It's a light hearted movie with a splash of calamity.

And when I dig too deep, when I get too high,
I never ask of you, I'll ask of...
And when I talk too much, don't talk enough,
I never ask of you, I'll ask of...
And when I fall apart over the weekend,
And the pills begin to stop working,
And when I'm not in line, just too aligned,
I never ask of you, I'll ask of...
I never ask of you, I'll ask of...

And just like that,
We'll snap our hands and all will turn to white, on white,
Does everything have to be such a tragedy?
Let's sum the world into one clever line,
And sell it back at double their asking price, or triple,
It's a crazy world, someone should sell some tickets.

I saw you again last night,
Sidewalking junkie filled with hazy thoughts, oh yeah,
Beginning of my snow storm daydream,
You're a drug hit to my sanity an acid trip to my well being, Yeah, yeah, yeah,
As the docters prescribed, a well-mannered lad,
In the ever growing well-mannered fad.

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