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Author/Artist/Singer: Browne Jackson
Music Title/Track: Disco Apocalypse
Theme ID: 9982
Album: N/A

Down the side streets and the avenue
There be sisters walkin' two by two
Their dresses and their shoes are new
But their hearts are weary thru and thru
And it's a long way into the light of the day
While the juke box and the radio play

Where the days turn into the nights
People move into the sounds and sights
Like the moth is drawn into the lights
Like the tight-rope walker into the heights
It's in their hearts, it's in their hips,
It's in their feet, it's on their lips

Tonight's the night I'm gonna make you mine
Gonna dance right out onto the edge of time
When the sound starts pumpin'
And the lights are flashin'
And my hearts-a-thumpin'
And I feel the passion
And the world is right there waiting
At my finger tips
Disco... apocalypse

In the dawn the city seems to sigh
And the hungry hear their children cry
People watch the time go by
They do their jobs and live and die
And in their dreams they rise above
By strength, or hate, or luck, or love

Tonight's the night I'm gonna make you mine
Gonna dance right out onto the edge of time
When the world starts turnin'
And the dreams are burnin'
And the skies awaken
Through the wind and the fire
They will be dancing still

It's in their hearts, it's in their hips,
it's in their feet, it's on their lips
A single sound that never ends
They die each night and live again

I'm gonna make you mine
Tonight's the night
Out on the edge of time
With the dreams of flesh and love dancing in my mind
Dancing through the fire on the edge of time

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