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Author/Artist/Singer: Death Napalm
Music Title/Track: Awake (To a Life of Misery)
Theme ID: 7430
Album: N/A

B3We aren't their cattle. =

We=B9re not being bred for slavery...=B2
Thought trained to succeed. =

>From here on the pain begins.
We=B9re maggots cast in a sea of struggle, bait for the big fish.
Crawl, forever crawling. =

Faith holds no answers. =

Ravenous - they greedily suck away your will to even argue.
A belief in something better. =

Downtrodden, hopes still linger. Faces bear the same shallow fear of =

forgotten prosperity.
Powers change. =

The promise of reward. Declarations false and unjust. =

Tame insecurity.
A dreamlike notion that life passes by. =

Cushioning the blow of impending reality,
Aimlessness is flogging us - AWAKE

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