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Author/Artist/Singer: Ed OG Da Bulldogs
Music Title/Track: I Got To Have It
Theme ID: 2886
Album: N/A

I stay hard like an erectionI'm burnin
suckers who wear protectionnow whose next when Ed's flexin
I'm the breadand you are just a crumb off
Jerkin your jimmy but you still can't come off
I'm from Roxburythe 'Burybut not the fruit y'all
Don't make me act like where I come from cause it's bru tal
Hold my bonein a zone that's neutral
Soon to be largethe whole nine yards, but I ain't souped y'all
Suckers be swearing that their staring is gonna scare me
Look but don't touch, and if you do be prepared G
to go out, just like your first day off punishment
Da Bulldogs, Roxbury, and Boston is what I represent
The Black United Leaders Livin Directly On Groovin Sounds
At first you didn't know us, but know it's like, "Yo put me down"
We didn't get in there so you can get in with us
You wasn't down when we was ridin the bus
So put on your Adidas, and STEP OFF.. I got to have it

No need for me to run away, brother put the gun away
You wanna take my life away as if we were in combat
You can buy some new Adidas but you can't buy my life back
Aiyyo whassup with that? Why is it like that?
Let's stand together y'all... and fight that in our race
To replace waste with a taste, just in case
you can't face the place that you've been put in
If you was my kid, for what you did you'd have a foot in
right in your ass, another term's rectum
Kids are having kids, they're not parents so they let them
do things that shouldn't be done
You're not a father cause you got a son unless you're taking care of him
Crack... is more contagious than rabies
Baseheads broads are havin basehead babies
Now how that sound, not profound
Black people unite, and let's all get down.. I got to have it

I'm not like anyone else, and in your shoes I couldn't be in
The E unto the D unto the O ohh yes be G'n
Da Bulldogs got pull dawg, incitin we be seein
I don't wanna, stand on a corner, I'm MCing
Call me, a goody two-shoes, who's in the right shoes be
I don't have to pump jumps or clock G's
It's my turn to go, and I got the right-of-way
You gotta fight your way to see another brighter day
But that's another subject you like it or you love it
Ja-ilers, get jealous, no push but I'ma shove it
But regardless, when times are hardest
I cleaned off the dirt, cause they needed a polish
When you're in like food in your stomach, they wanna stick witchu
But when you're out like Elvis, they wanna dick you
But hey, that's OK, cause we kept on strivin
and even when T lost his car, we kept on drivin
You had your chance to advance, but you blew it
Now ask yourself this question did you like the way I do it
I got to have it

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