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Author/Artist/Singer: Elephant Man F/ Harry Toddler
Music Title/Track: War War War
Theme ID: 7817
Album: N/A

Elephant Man: Scare Dem Crew si ah time now
Harry Toddler: Nah Nah Nah
Elephant Man: Fi wi all live in unity, Scare Dem pon di Bitter
Blood ah big riddim
Harry Toddler: Elephant and Toddler ah sing

Too much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war

Verse 1:
Elephant Man: Badman biggest enemy dat ah police
Harry Toddler: Police biggest enemy ah rudebwoy click
Elephant Man: Badman rot, dem caan get dem sleep
Harry Toddler: Police ah patrol several days ah di week
Elephant Man: If yuh tink ah lie go ask Matcher's Lane click
President down ah garden no man inna di peace
Ah yute jus dead!, wi nuh know ah who dweet
Dat dem waan si, who go skin dem teet
Harry Toddler:Although it's dark, haffi left off ah di street
Di whole place nice, badman deh pon leaf
Elephant Man: Ah who!, mi hear seh yuh plan fi di cheap
Ah who!, mi hear yuh talk bout patrol cheap, no dweet

War War War
Too Much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war

Verse 2:
Harry Toddler: Some rudebwoy love go party and club
Some rudebwoy love old time rub-a-dub
While some ah dem ah all inna Mel jimmy mug
Some ah dem love he was wid dem likkle slug

Elephant Man: While some ah dem love go around di bed dub
Certain police wi ah go pull dem plug
Nuff ah dem mouth ah run ah real born thug
Tek set inna yuh kin like parasite bug
Beat up people like old dutty rug
And when yuh ah deal wid peace and love
Wi nuh land to nuh slaughter, wi humble like dog
Dem ah gwaan like dem conquerin liom up above, ah pure!

War war war
Too much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war

Verse 3:
Elephant Man: Society biggest problem dat ah di gun
Ah long time mi tell dem di war ting fi dun
Ah long time di gal dem stop give di man bun
Ah long time di maamaman ting dat fi dun!
Ah long some gal fi stop hold baby down
Ah long time man fi stop draw man, what ah long time
Di school dem fi get ah more veggie bun
Teacher fi stop beat pickney fi fun
Ah long time di rat tot tot tot ting dat fi dun
Full time badman stop break di law down

Harry Toddler: Time fi happiness and joy and fun
Hand inna di air!, if yuh waan it fi come
Fire mi ah bun fi wicked man ting dun
Beat down in justice, dem beat mi drum
Haffi talk di truth because mi nuh seh mi nuh dum
Haffi talk di truth Cause mi nuh honor nuh wrong

Too much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war
Too much!, war war war

Repeat Verse 1
Repeat chorus

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