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Author/Artist/Singer: Fatboy Slim
Music Title/Track: Kung Foo Fighting (Dance Remix)
Theme ID: 5892
Album: N/A

Oh Oh Oh Ooooh

Ya'll ready?

Oh Oh Oh Ooooh


Let's Go!

Oh Oh Oh Ooooh

Now here it is, want to make you move

something with a funky Kung Foo groove

something that will make you shout

make you play to the crowd

and make you want to turn it out

so homies gather 'round (right 'round)

i'll pick you up take you on go pound-for-pound

'cuz i'm the only man who'll please ya

i got a little something that'll tease ya

so throw those hands up high (come on)

shake your body move from side to side (thats right)

cuz we just begun party people in the place yeah we're having fun

oh yeah i'm gonna be a big star

i'm gonna lay it on and go woo-hah

cuz when the mood gets exciting (come on)

when everybody's Kung Foo fighting


Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting - hunh (come on, hoo-hah)

Those kids were fast as lighhing - ha (woo-chop)

In fact it was a little bit frightening - hunh (huh-huh-huh)

But they fought with expert timing. - ha

Sing it girl

Sexy Kung Foo Fighter

Let me take you higher

i got the moves baby

sing kung foo fighter

take you higher

Aaaaw yeah!

There's bright lights on and no cold flow (so what?)

A kung foo fighter in a disco

he's out to take his chance

he goes for honeys in the house and he goes for romance (he's on the floor)

he's got a white suit on fight pants on and the night has just begun

cuz when he lays it on with style

a ladies man with a nice smile

and right befroe his eyes

sees a pretty young thing looking real fly (so fly)

he wants to make the score

so he takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor

he's giving her line after line

she tells him that he looks real fine

she sees the man's perfect timing

just like when he's kung foo fighting


Sing it girl

Sexy Kung Foo Fighter

Let me take you higher

kung foo fighters everywhere

throw those hands in the air

the time has come to turn it out

everybody let me hear you shout

1-2 Do the Kung Foo

Crowd: 1-2 Do the Kung Foo!

Say 3-4 on the dance floor

Crowd: 3-4 On the dance floor!

Come on 1-2 Do the Kung Foo

Crowd: 1-2 Do the Kung Foo!

Say 3-4 on the dance floor

Crowd: 3-4 On the dance floor!

One more time

roundhouse kick karate chop too

i'm gonna teach you all the kung foo

its an eastern thing that's what i'm saying

while the retro disco track's playing

gonna make you shout, make you beg for more

so get your body on the dance floor (come on girl)

So boys and girls you know what to do

throw those hands up adn do the kung foo

(chorus fades until end)

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