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Author/Artist/Singer: Ice Mc
Music Title/Track: Double Or Quits
Theme ID: 911
Album: N/A

What what you you gonna gonna do do
When this nigga nigga come come through through
Nuff nuff chitty chitty chat fat fat
No no never never sound sound wak wak
Too too many many try try this this
But but my my stylos the business
I I hit hit you you puick puick
With with something thats wetter than liquid
Wizz kid widda widda doudle doudle lik lik
Vihe vibe strong strong devils on my dick dick
Make make dollar dollar bill dill daily
Cool cool take it take it easy with a lady
Fresh fresh digga nigga dont dont test test
End up with an arrow through your chest
Free free style style duck duck wild wild
Dreada Dreadatour tour versitile

Double or quits come get a fix
Dreadatour kicking the funkyfied lyrix
Double or quits come get a fix
Live and direct with the snare an drum kicks
Double or quits come get a fix
Dreadatour kicking the funkyfied lyrix
Double or quits come get a fix
Live and direct with the snare an drum kicks

When lm on the mike I have no time to bore
Like a centre forward yo my rymes they score
Im true to the game I used to think were all the same
But now I know lm different
Just watch me kick it hardcore
I live in Italy the place of Pussy Galore
You can fuckem in the car
Or even on the kitchen floor
Everyone wanna get with the Dreadatour
But if you mess around baby
Youll go through the creaky door ... like that

Big up to my nephew D.J. Shorty Blitz
Big up to Mimma wid ya tumpty tough tits
Big up to Charlie helpin to make hits
Little down to Zetta boy we break you down to bits
Big up to the yardies who mix up with the brits
Big to Eddie Murphy who give me the fits
Big up to Suzanna for your digits
And to the blacks in the flicks
And to Jah for lyrics

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