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Author/Artist/Singer: Ice Mc
Music Title/Track: Freaky Flow
Theme ID: 912
Album: N/A

Mister Campbell dont mess around
Give us a sample of the mad style you possess
Oh yes, ld gamble crazy ass ducks
Cause I know youll be the winner man
Full of the shit boy ya doper
Than a kilogram of coke he spoke
An yes lm goin all out
Will I get my well deserved props man no dought
Flowing like the Nile through the African pasture
Step onto my path and ya heading for disaster
Ask the nigger who was on my diggy bum shit
Couldnt hold the pressure so lets say he got done quick
Never fallin off like a tight rope walker
Cause lm very in I will never be out of order
Sorda like one of them call boxes
I know lm very ill but that dont mean I need no doctors
Blowing up the spot like Steven Seagal
Another like me is like a haystack with a needle

Gotta let em know...
That we are not your average Joe
Gotta let em know...
That we have got the Freaky Flow
Gotta let em know...
That we are not your average Joe
Gotta let em know...
That we have got the Freaky Flow

Who is that
Who this be
This is the don Flowin Freakily
Who is that
Who this be
This is the don Flowin Freakily

E proprio vero I got the mad heads jumpin
Listenin to my rymes tryin to catch a little somethin
The short black dreaded out Hyson Green bandit
When I catch wreck batty boy cant stand it
Come into the place I grab the mike and your attention
Me not getting that is like the night to George Benson
Freestyle phenomenon drop bombs like Lebanon
Watch where lm steppin I ease back from Babylon
I got a mobil cause I dont like pagers Bionic eye just like Lee Majors
When you get me going I be going on for ages
Just like a man who waits for ages for his wages
Cages are what my rymes are for fa someone simple
Got em on lock down popem like a pimple
Yo, my job is done lm outer here because Ya lifted
Smoked out lyrics by a brother whos gifted

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