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Author/Artist/Singer: Immortal (Immortal)
Music Title/Track: Cold Winds Of Funeral Dust
Theme ID: 623
Album: N/A

[Music: Demonaz, Abbath - Lyrics: Demonaz]

Under a bloodred moon in the cold wastes of Thule
Where wintershadows lies untouched
Where I dwell at the mountains of madness
In these shadows of death I march
In the blue mist of evil

Through the dark Northern valleys
Where only winds of funeral breathes
Hovering through the whispering darkness
With frost in my eyes

Only seven winds are heard
Chaiming through the dark Northern valleys
Eternity I pass eternity I seeked
For the darkness my spirit
For satan my black soul

Under a bloodred moon in the cold wastes of another world
Where wintershadows lies untouched
Where I dwell at the mountains of madness
Entering with the cold winds of funeral dust

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