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Author/Artist/Singer: Jai-Da
Music Title/Track: Dont Even Try It
Theme ID: 3539
Album: N/A

Don't try stress me
You don't impress me
Cause absolutely
It's obvious you see.
I know you cut your rib
But you startin to drip
You're movin closer boy take a step back
I'm not playin with you
I got a good excuse
I'm only seventeen thinkin' oops you better leave
I'm not nieve
I really don't believe
When you say you're just a man Don't even try it
What of no don't you understand
Don't even try it
Say goodnight
Say goodbye
Don't even try it no
You better keep away with your hands don't even try it.
Say goodnight
Say goobye don't even try
Why you comin back you didn't get the hit
I told you once before but this
I will resent
Now you don't get that attitude
Cause I'm not feelin you
I'm trying to keep it real
Now's who's fooling who
I know that's not your car you got no credit card you said you live alone but your mama's on the phone
I'm not a silly girl
And I don't wanna be live in your make believe world
Don't even try it what part of no don't you understand
Don't even try it
Say goodnight
Say goodbye don't even try it no
You better keep away with your hands
Don't even try it I know you want to
Say goodnight
Say goodbye don't even try
Why do I feel this way
Let me take a minute to try to explain
See it's hard to find enough time to give you so much sarity you know that you don't work for me
Boy I'm hearing every word you say
But you life is gettin in the way
You're adding to confusion With no hope of resolution
Baby not gonna play that game
Don't even try it
What part of no don't you

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