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Author/Artist/Singer: Jay-Z
Music Title/Track: In My Lifetime (Remix)
Theme ID: 7339
Album: N/A

It's the thought of a ride that make my eyes wide, I'm caught up
I'm trying to make, all of my dreams materialize, so I sorta
say my goodbyes to the straight and narrow
I found a new route, you bout to see my life change
I make the means justify the ends, I make the cream
materialize keys to a Benz, and so I'm rollin
For now, holdin down the fort, who's controllin?
The ground's gotta blow em, yep, y'all shoulda told em
Uhh, my first felony's approachin, copped my first key
Took a freeze, now I'm frozen
I bought a black Mac, I'm outta control
Losin bankrolls on blackjack, you gotta know
it always crossed my mind that Feds be tappin the lines like Gregory Hines
Still on the phone discussin my biz like it could never be mines
I know the price, know the risk, know the wrongs, and the rights
Still my blood flows ice, it's just my life


What's the meaning, what's the meaning of life?
*scratched "In my lifetime"*
What's the meaning, what's the meaning of life?
*scratched "In my lifetime"*

I'm like the bass with the ass, splashin cold cash
The Big Willie get you chilly when I pass, brrrrrr
Is it, just a mirage all these girls thankin God
Is this, world my world, am I the star of stars?
Baby pimped out, I'm gettin too large and smokin cigars
All chicks is hollerin bout chica, the whole city's buzzin
wasn't checkin for me a dozen or so, months ago
Now I'm all they know, I'm a person
Lettin the Cristal's breathe at the Barnacle Bar
Under my sleeve, vernacular, 50 G's
I'm talkin big cheese, you gotta be down to dig these, uhh
Give me a rush like you wouldn't believe, my head's about to bust
Acceleratin what drives me, hope I don't gotta die
to see, see I can't lie to me
I know the price, know the risk, know the wrongs and the rights
Still my blood flows ice, it's just my life

Chorus 2X

Uhh, from the beginning see we never seen the ending
Running up in all the women, all the linen, all the jewels, huh
We sported Pele's, gold diamonds and Pirelli's
Sports cars, the good life'll give you a belly but that's cool
as I, zone in the Al Capone, watch me
cause the Medusa's head on Versace turned me to stone
Now my poems just ain't poems, they bloody, when I recite em
Bones get disconnected like the phones
Now, I'm a hardened criminal with game
Like the Garden, all my penpals life controlled by the warden
Still the drill makes me blind to the fact
I could do real time, I'm a prisoner, of my crimes
Know the price, know the risk, know the wrongs and the rights
Now I'm, incarcerate for my life

Chorus 5X to fade

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