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Author/Artist/Singer: Macy Gray
Music Title/Track: Hey Dj
Theme ID: 1377
Album: N/A

Pick up the phone, call up the line
Call up the request line
Call up the line
Call up the request line
na na na na na na na na na na
na na na na
Just call up the line
get down with us

--This is a request, Mr. Radio Man
Just one desire from a Hip-hop fan
Hey, DJ!
--You on the line, girl
--Hey, DJ!
--The request line, girl
--Play a record by my favorite band
--I like to hear my favorite song on the radio
So I call and request it on the radio
Tell the DJ spin on the LATEshow
Make a brother feel like I'm down at the disco
and we're gonna keep it goin like THIS THO
cause the DJ grab the record by the fist-full
by the crate-full and we grateful
when you hear the song from records that are tasteful
--last night a DJ saved my life
--cause that selection of the records he played
to the direction of the record we swayed
and all night thru the SESSION we stayed
cause you know you got me feelin
--all right
--Good God, I be feelin'
--all right
--IT'S SILLY what I'm feelin
--all right, now
--huh! and I be feelin
--all right
--don't stop keep it goin' down, c'mon
--This is a request, Mr. Radio Man
Just one desire from a Hip-hop fan
Hey, DJ!
--You on the line, girl
--Hey, DJ!
--The request line, girl
--Play a record by my favorite band
--turn table has blessed me on my stereo
play my favorite song on my stereo
like Macy Gray, Roots, and D'Angelo
Mos' Def, le Nubiance and De La Soul
I like them CUTS with the soul and original
NEVER afraid to be creative on your radio
spin my jam when I'm crusin' down the BARRIO
turn my audio up CREATE A PARTY-O
--Hey, DJ, won't you play my song
--and get

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