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Author/Artist/Singer: Obscure Disorder
Music Title/Track: The Entree
Theme ID: 822
Album: N/A

*** MC known as Science is now known as I-Con ***

"Yo nothing but the hotness whenever we drop this"

"514 are the coordinates"

"Yo nothing but the hotness whenever we..."

"Drooooop" <-- Pharcyde

"Hit me" *scratched by A-Trak*



O.D. shit, start at the beginning like birth

I plant my seed first, all legiondary thoughout the Earth

I spit my true worth, y'all talk shit at the very least

I make my people rise up, I lace my lyrics with yeast

I highlight like a feltpen, get felt like a highlighter

I'm that same cat that turned rhyme cats to rhyme biters

Frontliners to Flatliners

I made die hard soldiers camaflague with eye liner

But these shot fire, to spit ashes

Linguistically attract masses, physically slap you backwards

You whole style awkward, game predictable like clockwork

Show your colours man, hike up that skirt

Yeah, you bust premature when you heard Obscure's a skin pigment

Imagine that, the main figment

Stay distant, 'cause we wild like Serengetti

Get ready, niggas are useless like biscuits on safety

CHORUS [Obscure Disorder]

We make it hot

If the stakes is high, raise the stocks

If hard knocks is still with us, raise your glocks

If you got love for your niggas, raise the blocks

We from Mont Real, bringing the real, blaze the spots

We make it hot

If the stakes is high, raise the stocks

If hard knocks is still with us, raise your glocks

If you got love for your niggas, raise the blocks

We from Mont Real, bringing the real, blaze the spots


Sit back and incinerate

Expect the bigger rate if I reinerate, just one line

Niggas better have your back 'cause I hunt spines

With clutch rhymes at crunch time, unexpected

Introduce y'all to what the Montreal dialect is

I sword methods, shaking down your small weapons

Fuck Lugers(?), you die sooner with chokers jokers(?)

I shoot maneuvers, I like bathed with new consumers

Your laws are like intercourse when I jerk off you had be better off

Set 'em off to the trench at any expense

Past present and future I be rapping intense

Didn't get the double meaning, think of strong arm and musclin' me

Try that shit, and have you raching your demise that quick

Colliding on me is like you'll deciding to be

A marked man, run down by an unmarked van

Abort your plans, to blow on you, you an unarmed man

Couldn't rock a charm if you had one in your hand



Casually walking in on my own

Usually don't give a fuck who's around, having dialogues in my dome

Suddenly I felt the light change, I could chill on my bone

Try to conceal it to my surprise see reality shown

Once were rags and riches, played with sticks and stones

Opened my eyes seen your lies now your cover was blown

This do or die shit was like a dice game and I couldn't explain it

Mercy on a nigga that was dropped on this planet

Shit is manic causing panic in static

Like wearing skirts in the casually zone

Look at us, Kings and Queens that have became from the throne

Scientist clones, human beings in my face

I'm really seeing morning noon, day and night

From January to December, it's like an apocalyptic site

See I thought I read the book, I guess the title wasn't right, aight

*A-Trak cutting and scratching beat*



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