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Author/Artist/Singer: Obsidian Gate
Music Title/Track: Invoke The Dragon Constellation
Theme ID: 840
Album: N/A

"O thou hidden laws of the realm beyond death,
thou who walked when the earth was pure fire,
and fire was the only light
in the shining darkness of the cosmos within.
I convoke thee inmidst the five-pointed star
and the constellation may call thee
whenst the nova enters the circle of the moon...
From fire be thou born and fire thou shalt bring.
O great fierce dragon, creature of the unblessed,
king of kings... Take form!"

And the horizon was shaded in blackness,
even blacker than every age before,
by astral wings of the great ancient beast.
See the stars drown in fire...
Astral creature, the being of flames,
black material dragon, thou shalt arise...
The cosmos transforms in the grasp of my thoughts.
New blood flows from the sky...

The solar ecliptic constellation
and the moon enthroned with ruby eyes.
Predatorial storms sweep this mountain
when the supreme infernal beast arrives.
I kneel in front of the black altar,
I feel the gaze of the dragon enchanting me
and the beating of wings roars like thunder
in an aura of purest evil.

"Feeble creature!!!
So pathetically sunk to its knees...
Thou called me from dimensions thy kind never seen,
so what is thy desire, poor primitive spawn?"

"O Ancient dragon!
Emperor of the allmighty blackness,
by this spell I called thee unto this world,
for my revenge, destruction thou shalt perform...
I lay to thee my darkhearted soul,
and my knowledge given by the mighty stars.
Dethroned I was by creatures of the false.
They have betrayed my honour,
so slay them all!"

And with the dawn, the worm vanished
into the depths of darkness again,-acap

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