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Author/Artist/Singer: Onyx
Music Title/Track: Raze It Up
Theme ID: 4568
Album: N/A

Sticky Fingaz: Official Naz Takeover

Yo, Yo, Official Naz Comin' Through betta raze it up
All my hoods' on the block better raze it up
All my peoples locked up better raze up
You better raze it up
You better raze it up

Yo Yo
Lyrical Assault
Mics outlined in chalk
Gun Talk, homicide in New York
Caught a raw deal, horror Amityville
Hand me the steel, breathe in ya' man to get killed
Put a knife to the love of ya' life,
Put a slug in ya' wife
Blood on ya ice
Mud on my knife
Drug price, chain snatch cocaine crack
Goin they jacks with the gat blow ya brains back
Switchin' lanes and drop vests
Blow the top of the jet
Cock and wet you rocked for death
Driveby's pain in eyes painting black lines
All the way live
Guns in the sky
Move and die
Survivin' niggaz leave you left for death
One in ya head
Runnin from Feds
Drugs under ya bed
Crime kills blast rhyme skills like nine mills
So nigga dead
Cuz I kill so what

Official Naz comin' though betta' raze it up
Where my real thugs at you betta' raze it up
All my villains with the checks you betta' raze it up
You betta' raze it up
You betta' raze it up

Official Naz' comin' through you betta' raze it up
If you don't wanna get wet you betta' raze it up
If you from the projects you betta' raze it up
You betta' raze it up
You betta' raze it up

(Fredro Starr)
Right NOW, we gonna hit you up with the joints like BOW
Blast nasty
Fight pow
Styles takin' you to the bank
Me crew always pack shanks??
Lick that clit in a 600 Benz tint
These degrees is hot

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