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Author/Artist/Singer: Organized Konfusion
Music Title/Track: Audience Pleasers
Theme ID: 6125
Album: N/A

Pharoahe Monch]
By the grace of God I give a speech like Malcolm
Expressin flexin flaunt the style that's wicked (UHH!)
Inflicted addicted now people can't understand
the particular way that I've kicked it
Smooth (mmm) is it not? (Yup!)
Is it dope? (Yup!) Is it hype? (Mmm hmm) Is it hot?
Easy for you to hum along to whenever I'm rappin
Keepin your feet tappin and keepin your hands
comin together you may think you're nice but I am Alpha Beta
Glee and clap on the microphone, to kick a rhyme like, this one..

[Prince Poetry]
Artistical formulas, label me as a hip lyric professor
Pressin to be the one a lyrical chauvanist
Study facts my brother, read all about it
Cause Prince Poetry and Monch gets on down undoubted!

Somethin smooth yes, prepare for the audience pleasers
United together, through thick and thin forever
Just for the people's pleasure
This is something new for you
We are.. the simply too positive MC's

[Pharoahe Monch]
Design a rhyme like an inventor
Intertwine, combine the centrifugal forces in the center
giving it a steady a flow, who's like dope (you are!)
Better yet, I'm like acid
Cooler than Lake Placid
You're loving it when I'm passing it off, slick (slick)
So that you know (so that you know)

[Prince Poetry]
Well it's me, your majesty, Prince Po, I flow
like spring water out of a faucet when I complete it
the text like toss it cause I will toss it to the Pharoahe
Capital M, lowercase O, then the N, then the C-H
Witness the presence of the two N-E-W
Intellectual through rhythm I went interjectin you
a few messages, paragraphs, stories, a few laughs
When it comes to steppin yo there ain't no quarters
or even a half like poison, I subject to feed you venom
I find em, line em up, I fold em up, and Monch will KILL EM!

[Pharoahe Monch]
Curteous! Givin a high-five or handshake
but I can flip, like a chef at the House of Pancakes
When I speak, I create a new strange tongue
MC's clingin I bring on a new swing and they swung
off the tip I'm well equipped to stick to the cut when rhymin
The kind of MC you find, with the mind of a ?mizda?
Chronological timing or maybe Simon Bar Sinister

[Prince Poetry]
Hmmm, mm mm mmm! Yo
Sometimes I'd rather stop acceleratin and flow
to a slowwwwwwwer tempo sit back relax bust the
introduction that you're sleepin on, I must awaken you
Now come with us cruise in, cause me and Monch
is takin you to another dimension, keepin you up to par
Look up to me as an advisor
Much wiser than the average rap star/struck you
not as another but a brother who's hype
Sim-pl-ly too positive MC's too dope too trife
to comprehend, this is finally the end
To my foes and my skeezers, the audience pleasers

Somethin smooth yes, prepare for the audience pleasers
United together, through thick and thin forever
Just for the people's pleasure
This is something new for you
We are.. the simply too positive MC's

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