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Author/Artist/Singer: Outsidaz
Music Title/Track: Hell Yeah
Theme ID: 8023
Album: N/A

[YOUNG ZEE] Do we do it for the underground? (HELL YEAH!)
[YOUNG ZEE] Girls want us when they come around (HELL YEAH!)
[YOUNG ZEE] We make all of ya'll want it now (HELL YEAH!)
[YOUNG ZEE] Model chicks wanna tongue us down (HELL YEAH!)
[ YAH YAH ] Do we get pumped in the radio (HELL YEAH!)
[ YAH YAH ] Do girls get naked in our videos (HELL YEAH!)
[ YAH YAH ] We smoke weed in the studio (HELL YEAH!)
[ YAH YAH ] Get brains after every show (HELL YEAH!)

One time for my people, my blunted out heads
We represent the real, let the underground spread
To the kids in the high schools, hoods that you drive through
Made for the kids with the higher I.Q.
Got sent to that Rah Rah, I Declare War shit
Outsidaz, Night Life, witty metaphor shit
Start in the basement, push til it's corporate
Put in a place, to be sold and make a fortunate, for example

The deeper it get, the deeper we go
Ya talk tough, but beem in the O's, weak in the blows
Plus you don't go enough meat on ya bones
Mess around'll you'll sleep from this weaker then nome
I'm like M.L.K., when I'm speakin' a pawn
Settin' mad bullet sprays til they reachin' ya thong

For cats that grow naps never seakin' a comb
Sloman Shield couldn't help you when we creep in ya home


To ya fake niggas, that said I'll never make it
Ya trick is in my bed right now, ass naked
I taught ya hoe, how to properly act
Now she got three cribs, you pay the property tax
You can catch me in the Bricks, lookin' plush in the six
Wit ya main chicken, she suckin' my dick
Fuckin' wit God, producin' nothin' but hits
Wanna battle my cli

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