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Author/Artist/Singer: Quarashi
Music Title/Track: Xeneizes
Theme ID: 272
Album: N/A

Welcome to the Quarashi game here I am the noname yeah the same boy
Who doesn't need a frame. I'm surrounded by foes and anything goes so I gotta be
Like Tony Montana on his toes. Up up and down your spinning round and round.
You don't know why your spinning maybe it's the syntha sound, but this is me
you hear the rocking sonic youth theres an eye for an eye and a tooth for a
tooth. Another dimension on a frequency in ecstacy. Biting bastards but in a way
licking sinners ashtray. Trying to get through the Zoo and get no penalty. I
know how to beat because that's for the winners. I'm on the clouds ready to
jump off. in the free fall I see you all looking so small. Stepping on
stepping off. I want to feel my skin, blowing through the wind. You gotta take
all back we allready got a stack. what a get away deal if you don't know what
you lack and you gotta fix that if you wanna get that up. suck it out of a tube
and don't ever ever stop rocking that type o mad beat we lead the pack from a
rack to a seat. And so was I when I was trying to get by on planet 9 well,
nice try. Tequila flats while I'm flipping my hats I do the new jaywalking
while I feed the stray cats on the one two three a dididumdidi you know you'll
get back when I say open Sesame.

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