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Author/Artist/Singer: Rage
Music Title/Track: ANIMAL INSTINCT
Theme ID: 1425
Album: N/A

[Music by: P. Wagner, M. Schmidt]
[Lyrics by: P. Wagner]

In the depths of our mind
There hides a lust that's really dangerous and blind
Waiting for the outburst, for an instigation, I bet

You won't be ashamed
To kill if you're not blamed
It won't need much to free
The element of crime

Our world is full of hidden crime
What they call god is nothing but an empty shell
And in this name they think it's right to slaughter
A higher order

You won't be ashamed
To kill if you're not blamed
It won't need much to free
The element of crime

Animal instinct

All day we hear it in the news
In every state and country the defenceless are abused
What could we even learn from history, it's just
A dated list crimes

Animal instinct
See it in their eyes

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