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Author/Artist/Singer: Rage Against The Machine
Music Title/Track: Autologic
Theme ID: 1649
Album: N/A

Drop the A-U-T-O-L-O-G-I-C
Drop the A-U-T-O-L-O-G-I-C
Drop auto logic
You thought you could get wit'
Me and Tommy hittin' man
Cold dropped a smash hit
Angry as a battery
Back in the funk
'Cuz I'm not frontin'
Commin' upon the stage I'll say ya somethin'
Clear as a project
The style is hectic
Guess I'm left with
A system sceptic
The truths I'm droppin'
From the pulpit I'm yellin'
Inspired by gunshots from a township rebellion
Word is a rough mix
Sign of justice
The rhyme is allowed 'cuz you can't philabust this
Style I'll catch ya
I'll catch ya the rapture
Ya murdered my level head
Ya know that I have to...
Drop auto logic
Yo I got to drop the logic
Drop auto logic
Yo I got to drop the logic
Auto logic
Yo I got to drop the logic
Drop auto logic
Yo I got to drop the logic
Stop before you take a wrong turn
Stop before you step up on the stage and get burned
Stop and just listen
I'm dismissing competition with decisions
So I guess you'll have to listen and learn
So what ya gonna do?
Ain't no fading
So what ya gonna do?
Grab the microphone and say a check one two
The kid's solo
Unafraid of any crew
'Cuz I'm the type of mother with the maddest
Statue or poll
Paid in full
No bull never dull
Always in control
Taking no shit like I was Manute Boll
Awww ya...
It goes a just like that...ya...
Now break it down...
Auto logic
On auto pilot
Silence equals death
And death equals silence
The crew that doesn't choose to speak their mind
Is a crew that looses power over time
And now that ya finally woke up
Yo wish your mother fuckin' ass would have spoke up
Voices in full
The balled of the bullet
The mic is a trigger and I pull it
Droppin' and smashin'
Thrashin' and bashin' the set
Mentally and spiritually correct
Back and ya know it's a treat
'Cuz every time I step ya know I won't forget ta
Drop auto logic
Yo I got to drop the logic

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